The adoption of Android was initially very small, but after Google’s acquisition, it has now become the most recognised platform for the creation of mobile apps. Today, Android, like Apple, is one of the biggest enemies of other OSs. For more information, visit their website at app developers Limerick 

Other major advantages of the development of Android Mobile apps include:

Against low investment, high ROI

With Android, since the Software Development Kit (SDK) is freely available, the cost of development and licencing is greatly reduced. So at the lowest expense, you can create sophisticated and advanced applications. Some of Android’s most common apps are developed and widely used around the world. You can get additional information at mobile app development

Simple Integration

Google still puts emphasis on user interface, which is why it has made Android incredibly customizable. To fulfil the business needs and the changing market trends, it can be easily incorporated and modified. For all sorts of inter-application integrations, Android is the most appropriate solution and it lets you create the most engaging applications. With Android, software developers can make full use of their ingenuity and imagination to create entertaining applications, which is never the case with other platforms. If you wish to learn more about this, visit app development company

Simple adoption

It is much easier to codify Android apps than to code apps on other platforms. Android-based applications are encoded in Java, and Android OS mobile applications can be developed by anyone with an in-depth knowledge of Java.

Simple delivery

With Android, you don’t have to rely on Google Play, the official app marketplace, as a single distribution platform. You can use many other marketplaces for third party distribution and even build your own distribution and sales platforms. This leads to a greater penetration of the market and allows you to reach a broader audience.

Better Compatibility for Hardware

Android apps run seamlessly on devices from different manufacturers, which ensures all the clients and staff have identical user experiences. On devices with varying hardware configurations, Android also runs well. So, you have more flexibility with Android than with any other OS.